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Our Nursery

Aims & Objectives

It is the sole aim of the Nursery to offer all children from a wide social background, the opportunities to experience as many different subject areas as possible in a warm, homely friendly environment where interests, concerns, empathy and love are paramount. We are acutely aware of the child’s needs to become socially, well adjusted little people, and their parents and families role in supporting this process. We aim to offer all children and their families, our services to the best of our personal and professional abilities.

We undertake to involve all children, at their level and stage of development, in the activities and curriculum of the Nursery and Pre-Preparatory classes. We follow the guidelines as set out by the Early Years and Childcare Directorate, delivering all activities, and education at foundation level, covering six main areas of learning. We hope to assist all children during their early formative years, to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities to lead them onto their next stage of learning at Infant and Primary level. Play should never be undervalued, and forms a major part in the little ones day experiencing a huge variety of activities both indoors and outdoors.

We include all children in our daily activities, regardless of colour, race, religion, disability or social background as one integrated and inclusive family.

Structure of Groups

We organise the Nursery primarily by age, but with the flexibility to adapt according to a child’s needs or abilities. Groupings are Baby House 0-18 months, Creche 18-23 months, Nursery 24-36 months, Pre-school and Pre-Preparatory classes 36-60 months. Whilst these ages are guidelines it should be noted that children may be moved around the Nursery outside these guidelines if circumstances or a childs development or needs require it, but will be fully discussed with Parents.

Staff ratio’s are mandatory as required by the Early Years and Ofsted being 1:3 children under 2 years , 1:4 children under 3 years, 1:8 over 3 years of ages. Variances to this are 1:4 for all children over 3 years if on an outing, or no less than the statutory requirement.

Parent Partnerships

We aim to include parents in our Creche and Nursery School as much as possible. We have parents meetings where all are welcome to come along and share with us the ideas, events, curriculum content, outside activities or indeed any topic which parents wish to broach. It gives opportunity for shared ideas, and parents can come along at any time to see their child’s carer or discuss any concerns or issues. We promote parental involvement with our curriculum, and welcome parents to join us in ‘stay and play’ sessions, messy play sessions, or on our outings, trips and visits. We have a Parents Association who actively support the school and are most valued, supporting our Parent partnership policy.