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Pre School &
Pre Preparatory Classes (3+ Years)

The children usually attain 3 years of age before progressing to the Pre-school Group. The formality of the Pre-Prep class is too great a jump from Nursery, so we introduce the children gradually to more structured curriculum via the Pre-school ‘feeder’room which we have called 3+. Within a few short months the children learn to integrate into a far more structured day, with lessons and activities mixed with a Teacher led structure and child initiated activities on a daily basis.

The children are encouraged to use their own skills and abilities and to experience and develop new ones. The Foundation Stage of Learning and Development focuses the timetable around the six areas of learning. A strong parent/teacher partnership is the foundation of this program, involving our parents in the content and delivery of these main subject areas along with the on-going monitoring of the children’s progress. We endeavour to offer the children maximum experiences. We aim to make their day interesting, informative and fun, we also offer additional classes in Swimming and Spanish.

Staff in these groups are chosen for their skills and experience, supporting full time teaching staff again specialising in the Early Years. All curriculum is planned and executed by our Qualified Teacher and Teaching Assistants to a very high standard, with Ofsted inspections monitoring and endorsing those standards. Parents can view the report on the internet here.