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Crèche & Nursery(18 months - 3 years)

These two groups of children range between 18 months and 3 years. Each offers much to stimulate and develop children’s basic skills of movement, communication, imagination and role play. With emphasis being placed on learning via play, activities, music and books, with fun, are an integral part of the children’s day. Once reaching the Creche and Nursery Groups, Children will be introduced to small group work, involving disciplines of pen control, counting and colours, story time and role play, with lots of Art and Craft to express themselves and have ‘fun’. Children have the opportunity to take part in dance, music, physical play, both indoors and outdoors, utilising our sensory theatre, outdoor classroom, and large garden for exploration and adventure play.

From the Creche group children are encouraged to engage in greater physical play and experiences indoor and outdoors, ensuring good use of our extensive gardens and resources. Children in the Nursery group are given a two year assessment, which is completed on all children who have not had this already completed by an alternative provider, which is taken by the parent to their child’s two year assessment with the Health Visitor.